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We have assisted tens of thousands of businesses countrywide for over ten years in accepting payments conveniently at their physical locations, online, and on mobile devices.


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Payment System

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You shouldn't have to confine your business to a point of sale system given the state of technology today. We currently have many possibilities, and we'll shortly be increasing that number.

Multiple Equipment Options

Multiple Equipment Options ‍INCLUDING POS

You shouldn't have to confine your business to a single terminal or point of sale system given the state of technology today.

POS (Point Of Sale) System

Builtin POS system is available in bistro beast with ordering systema and invoicing.

From a single device, you can scan, sell, and print.


V7 Handheld PCI EMV 5.5 Inch Touch Screen Smart POS Terminal

Android 5.1/7.1 4G LTE Long lasting battery 4400/6000 mAh TMS

POS Terminal Fullset POS Machine | Receipt Printer | Barcode Scanner | Cash Drawer


Sunmi T2 Desktop POS Terminal

Sunmi T2 POS Terminal Android 7.1 POS System Built-in 80mm Printer Desktop

Our Hardware

All these are certified and pre-tested machines


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